An overview of the play king henry viii by william shakespeare

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We next behold the antechamber to the royal apartment where many noblemen have collected, and where Norfolk Insists that If they unite complaints and show sufficient persistence, the Cardinal will not be able to stand against their efforts.

Then Lovell announces he must escort Buckingham down to the water, and there hand him over to Sir Nicholas Vaux, who, in taking charge of the prisoner, declares he assumes such a task with regret.

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Cranmer is called before the Council, of which he is a member, to answer to complaints against him. We now behold a room in Kimbolton which Katharine enters, supported by attendants who solicitously inquire how she feels?

His Majesty tries to detain her, and the crier frantically calls her back. H8 sends and Norfolk and Suffolk away, and they leave resenting the cardinal. Katherine reproaches Wolsey for his machinations against her, and refuses to stay for the proceedings.

Katharine beseeches the king not to divorce her, saying that she has been a loyal and honest wife to him for two decades.

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Summary of Henry VIII