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Clearly, the key is to find the right balance.

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The key is having the data to back it up. What missing product features are needed to solve the problem fully?

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But in practice, performance typically beats equality, which can be a problem. How many accounts are owned per rep?

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What type of sales commission plan should you choose? There are several ways to structure your compensation plan during ramp. A little research can go a long way in helping you decide on the best plan for your sales reps that also aligns with the goals of your company. This is typically rewarded in the form of a commission paid on MRR monthly recurring revenue or ACV annual contract value. It includes two elements: a base salary and a sales incentive held against sales, also known as variable pay. On the other hand, compensation on cash collections improves the quality of deals and is commonly used during maturity. And this plan used by Jason Lemkin of Saastr has a similar approach of penalizing the low performers. As a small-business owner, you must remember that a commission plan is an incentive tool to motivate your sales staff. Bookings vs. Commission or bonus-focused compensation plans provide tremendous upside for growth and allow CEOs to truly leverage their people — all while those people are given ample opportunity to make significantly more money than if their income was largely dictated by a fixed salary figure. These businesses have a sales staff that is almost in more of a customer support role than they are a sales position. Collect as much cash upfront as possible. Table 9. You want to clearly illuminate their path to financial success. This should help to keep your top sellers motivated.

Keep Sales Compensation Simple While the thinking behind the comp plan may not be simple, it is important to keep the plan itself as easy to understand as possible.

This would be especially likely if your company sells less-pricey items, in which case the placement fees and overall income potential would be very low.

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The aim? Failing to properly incentivize results in an exceptionally low level of productivity due to a lack of motivation. This should help to keep your top sellers motivated. An alternative approach is to pay salespeople when the cash is received but this can be confusing and difficult for sales reps to track. Draws are best for new hires, ramp periods, long periods of change and uncertainty, and training. Whatever works for you There may be endless combinations of commission structures, but only a few will really work for you. Placement fee sales commission structure Under a placement fee commission structure, a sales rep gets a flat fee for each sale made. Retail vs.

When designing a compensation plan, the tendency can be to go overboard getting really detailed and trying to address every possible scenario. Both sides are making a commitment.

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What are revenue quotas? Otherwise, there are arguably better options out there that will leave your sales reps a lot happier.

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Sales Commission Guide: Learn About Different Types of Sales Commissions