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In a series of events and short ads he ends up playing table tennis with Arnold Schwarzenegger at a OneRepublic concert like you do. The UK's Advertising Standards Authority received complaints regarding the campaign, a petition to have the ads removed was launched and there was even a small demonstration held against it in Hyde Park.

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The fact that Nike was using him in their ads made many people believe Nike was also anti-American. Push the envelope too far and you risk creating a controversy that tarnishes your brand and leaves your product out of the conversation altogether, making the advertisement totally useless. They reimagined the painting with modern-day girls and one shirtless guy with sagging pants standing in place of Christ and his apostles. The production was condemned by everyone from Madonna to the daughter of doctor Martin Luther King. The Tom Ford brand may have gotten attention with this tactic, but he also alienated a lot of the public who thought the ads were sexist and who felt dirty looking at nipples in otherwise tame magazines. The newspapers decided not to run the ad anymore, and there's no word on whether they have been able to fill those spaces with other edgy fashion ads. Groups have argued that the tagline ostracizes people from the rest of the country who already feel underrepresented in the cultural sphere. Dove — Lotion Ad The Ad: Similar to Nivea, Dove is a popular skincare brand that targets numerous countries around the world with their moisturisers, deodorants and hair care products. In addition to this, many right-wing groups started to promote the advert with some going as far as saying Nivea was the official alt-right antiperspirant.

The Parents Television Council described it as "soft-core porn," though most people just ignored it. Lux Cozi In this ad a dog snatched the towel of a man and he try to take his towel back. When he released his menswear line inhe came up with a seriously racy ad campaign to go along with it.

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Charlotte McKinney Perhaps the most conservative gif that came out of this campaign. Over the decades, there have been multiple examples of companies delivering terrible campaigns which have been talked about for all the wrong reasons.

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Simply put, there's no winning here. Many Brazilians called for the ad to be banned from TV.

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7 of the most controversial ads of our time