For and against homework

Completing homework early in the schooling years ensures that it becomes a habit — not an inconvenience. Does it present new concepts?

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For example, referring to Harris Cooper, the lead author of the two leading meta-analyses on homework, Kohn noted, A careful reading of Cooper's own studies.

Nansi added: "Some children live in really busy houses with lots of people coming and going, and they don't have a quiet space to do homework, so they can't use it to help them to get better at studying on their own, which doesn't seem fair.

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Many of those who conduct research on homework explicitly or implicitly recommend this practice. By having homework completed every night, especially with a difficult subject, the concepts become easier to understand.

A sedentary lifestyle has numerous direct associations with premature death as children age into adults.

For and against homework

The lost cause of homework reform. Then add homework on top of that? Walberg, H. However, his misunderstanding or misrepresentation of the research sends the inaccurate message that research does not support homework. Homework teaches you time management and how to prioritize tasks. That means a first grader should not be assigned more than 10 minutes of homework per night. The Elementary School Journal, 95 5 , — If homework is assigned, there is a reliance on the student, their parents, or their guardians to locate resources that can help them understand the content. Why do people think homework is a good idea? Journal of Research and Development in Education, 31 3 , —

Is homework important? For example, Cooper recommended on the basis of plus years of homework research that teachers should not comment on or grade every homework assignment.

Teachers' reported practices of parent involvement: Problems and possibilities. The case for 3: Homework can help learners make more rapid progress in their language acquisition Homework can provide valuable practice of the skills learned in the classroom.

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Is homework a good idea or not?