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The performance of the characters is impressive, de Rossi Melinda as a courageous and goal-oriented teacher; Doria Mrs. The film depicts typical situation in barrios in the provinces.

To sum it up, the movie was indeed award-winning for it entails about a relatable scene in our life in which it shows how education systems are in the rural areas and how it is to be a teacher who serves as a role model, an inspiration to many, and how it is to be servant of change.

When a funding opportunity in the form of a regional singing contest presents itself to Melinda, the idealistic teacher must smartly juggle uncooperative school administrators, confrontational parents, and the torn children themselves in order to let their small voices be heard.

Most of the parents think that going to school was just a burden and spending time and effort on school activities was a hindrance towards survival. Melinda was an elementary teacher who decided to teach in a place called Malawig.

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What I like the most about the film is the fact that it does not focust on the sole view of one person. This film is one of the most beautiful masterpieces made by Filipinos. People can relate to the storyline, it connects to the people because this story can take place in real life, it happens, and it shows the sad reality of people living in rural places but the movie shows that despite the socio-economic status, there is nothing wrong for a person to dream big. Mga Munting Tinig is one of the most inspiring movies that ever seen. The film has received acclaim from critics both locally and internationally. We may say that money is important nowadays. After a lot of practices, there has been an encounter where guns are fired and blood was shredded, sadly, Popoy and his father were caught in that conflict, and their bodies were later discovered by Obet and his friend Adang dead first thing in the morning. The movie is a social commentary that depicts the struggles of every people including students of the corrupt government. And this was the general situation faced by Melinda, an elementary teacher who was assigned to Malawig elementary school.

Even though it has minor deficiencies, those deficiencies did not degrade the over-all performance of the movie. Melinda goes about her work with daily diligence though, always having a smile, a kind word for her neatly uniformed charges.

The couple of issues arises when Melinda Santiago a new substitute teacher is already seeing the situation of the school she will be working at, in the small village of Malawig.

Gil M. As days passed by, The school received a letter stating that there will be a singing contest up for the students, the teachers were hopeless and did not consider taking a shot of joining it, but Melinda was very courageous, she encouraged every student and their families to join, she did not only think about the money they will receive upon joining the contest, but she was thoughtful enough to somehow fulfil the dreams of her students.

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Edit them in the Widget section of the Customizer. They are individuals who give aspiration to her students and serves as an inspiration to her fellow teachers that even at times of hardship, Miss Melinda Santiago gave hope to the students of Malawig Elementary School and in the end they became successful and their school became a brighter place.

Poverty was really the main issue in Malawig, because of that, children were forced to help their parents in earning money, some families practice forced labor by sending their children to the farmlands and helping them out by selling goods in exchange of being absent in their classes, one of them was Popoy, who had a brother named Obet.

The achievement makes it the first Filipino film ever to successfully close such a distribution deal with a big Hollywood studio.

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