Mongols and gear up

They dragged the foliage behind them in a systematic fashion to create dust storms behind hills to appear to the enemy as a much larger attacking army, thereby forcing the enemy to surrender. In fact, he was expected to join in military campaigns by a very early age sometimes at fourteen, possibly as rearguard for protecting supply lines.

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Engineering the perfect stirrup gave an army, and a people, an ineradicable place in history. Essential tools such as eating gear, tobacco and pipe, knives, cups and firestones were hung off the sash.

The cuirass weighed roughly 20 lbs 9 kg.

Mongols and gear up

Legendary horses include magical flying steeds, beloved horses that visit in dreams, and a rich body of folklore about equine protagonists. Spies were further recruited to plant dissension among the enemy warlords and kings. Some were said to be able to hit a bird on the wing. In Genghis Khan's time, strict rules dictated the way horses were to be used on campaign. When Mongols slaughtered the whole population from settlements that resisted or didn't opt to surrender, they often spared the engineers and other units, swiftly assimilating them into the Mongol armies. To the chagrin of vegetarian visitors, mutton goat or sheep is served almost every meal. Marco Polo, who saw the Mongols in action, described their technique : "They never let themselves get into a regular melee, but keep perpetually riding around and shooting into the enemy. In order to apply horn or bone to the core, it had to be softened by boiling. Mongolian boot style, for a child and adult. Men, women and children essentially wore the same type of clothing, differentiated by color, color combination, size and decoration to specify age, gender, married state and social status. Their training and discipline allowed them to fight without the need for constant supervision or rallying, which often placed commanders in dangerous positions. Materials such as books on horse training or medical care are uncommon and seldom used. It was so organized they were undefeatable. Even if the arrow penetrated the lamellar or mail armor, it might not penetrate the silk.

The other army would advance on a shifting, uniting, scattering, and reuniting foe. Suffice it to say, such extensive campaigns were driven by logistical elements and organizational skills, with the latter scope being based on the relatively simple yet efficient decimal system.

To add further protection, the rider might have worn his heavy coat under the cuirass, and reinforced it with metal plates or perhaps leather, depending on what was available at his disposal. Well, with the destructive invasions of the Mongols wrought upon the Islamic world of the 13th century AD, it should come as no surprise that Muslim chroniclers tended to present the nomads from the Mongol confederacy in a bad light or at least in xenophobic manner.

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His attire consisted of a heavy, double-breasted knee-length coat called deel or degel. A second reason the Mongol empire was brutal has to do with the document on Mongol Brutality.

The voyage of William of Rubruck in — Such fast battlefield actions and enveloping maneuvers rather befuddled many a European foe, thus giving them a false impression of Mongol numerical superiority.

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Also, when invading an area, the Mongols would do all that was necessary to completely conquer the town or cities.

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Mongols: Nomads Who Created The Largest Land Empire