My friend essay for 2nd class

Sangram is a real friend. I never forget that moment he helped me and always become ready to help him too.

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He speaks sweetly. He wants to spend his time with him. I am much thankful to God for giving me the gift of best friend in the guise of Rakesh. His parents are very kind and gentle. He is more than a mentor for me because he always gives me right decisions whenever I become in difficulty. She is a nice girl and helping in nature. Anjali is the younger sister of Rakesh. Conclusion: Our friendship is tested by time, and it will remain till our last breath. We have provided an essay on My Best Friend in different words limit. How you Friendship began: My friendship with Animesh began when we were quite young. I do celebrate my Eid days and my birthday party with Rakesh. Then we went to Highschool together. Many things of us like hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc are similar. He is favourite student of class teacher as he is very punctual and follows all the etiquettes.

She is a pretty girl, I like so much her. He respects my feelings and helps me always. We both study in the same school and even sit on the same batch.

My best friend essay in english 200 words

He stands first in the class. Our teachers like Rahul for his intelligence and the students for his friendly nature. His parents are very kind and gentle. A good friend shares your sorrows and joys. In summer vacations, every year, our families got on a trip to enjoy He works hard to fulfil his dream and wants me to do the same. I like Rakesh because he is a smart, genius and true man with all others. He has a cheerful nature. His mother loves me like her own son. We met each other in the nursery class on the very first day.

I am proud of my friend. His parents feed me and talk with me. We manage to share things in our difficult times. All the teachers of my school praise Rakesh for his hard work, sincerity, and loyalty.

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All the students of our class love him. I am blessed that I have one sweet and sincere friend from my childhood. An ideal friend possesses all the qualities of head and heart. Animesh is my best friend, and he will remain to be the best all my life.

my best friend essay for class 2 in hindi
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