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No physical ballot is used in this system, except when the voter chooses to write-in a candidate.

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Legislation called the Secure Elections Act , cosponsored by senators James Lankford R-Oklahoma and Amy Klobuchar D-Minnesota last year, aimed to shore up the nation's election security by providing states with new money to phase out paperless systems. Although Kobach was deemed to have bested his Republican opponent in the primary, he lost in the general election to Democrat Laura Kelly. Yet some states still rely on paperless electronic systems. Over the past 18 months, election-security advocates have been pushing for new legislation shoring up the nation's election infrastructure. That bill would have also taken other steps to shore up election security, including mandating routine post-election audits of election results. New York CNN The US's largest election equipment manufacturer has begun quietly lobbying Congress to force all voting equipment to create a paper trail, a sharp departure after years of selling paperless digital machines that can't be fully audited. The use of paperless voting machines became widespread in the early 21st century. They developed a marketing strategy where they could make more money selling paper.

A manual audit or recount based on corrupted machine-marked printouts would itself be corrupted. This news was broken by cybersecurity journalist Kim Zetter, who asked Dominion if it too has sold its systems with remote access software installed.

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Officials may manually count the ballots in the event of a dispute. Tabulating machines count ballots after the polls close. Additional counties may have them in Many DREs include a communication device to transmit vote totals to a central tabulator.

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The barcodes can be maliciously programmed to instruct the scanners to flip votes. Bonser is a method allowing the voter more than two choices for a proposition.

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Paper ballots are the way to secure elections, voting machine maker says