Plotinus treatise on the virtues

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At twenty he was caught by the passion for philosophy: he was directed to the most highly reputed professors to be found at Alexandria; but he used to come from their lectures saddened and discouraged.

Virtue is a purification of the soul i.

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This point has a deep and significant consequence, viz. O'Meara, D.

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So one virtue is corrupted because the exterior act is not ordered to right reason, whereas another virtue is corrupted because the interior passion is not ordered to right reason. On Sensation and Memory IV. Thomas's claim is that the three theological virtues stand to the infused moral virtues as natural principles inclining us toward the good stand to the acquired moral virtues, i.

An art skill, craft"which is nothing other than right practical reason with respect to things to be made," is an operative habit which gives a facility for making things well rather than a rooted disposition that makes the agent himself good simpliciter.

For reason informs the appetitive powers in different ways according to the differences among the objects of the appetitive powers. It is not intended to indicate either a temporal process or the unpacking or separating of a potentially complex unity.

This was another example of a politician venerating the philosopher.

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The Ethical Treatises, being the Treatises of the First Ennead