Poor reading culture among nigerians

Regrettably, this adverse development is an ominous challenge the country seems not to be paying needed attention to.

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Perhaps, our socio-economic environment is not reading friendly. D Lack of Role Models: These teens need role models, people whom they can look up to, preferably people whom they can relate with easily, and from whom they can learn the practical benefits of reading.

Apostle Paul under the anointing of the Holy Spirit admonished Timothy "study to show yourself approved unto God 11 Timothy According to Dorothykids with poor reading habits have higher chances of anti- social behavior.

Equally, high cost of books, particularly imported ones, has contributed to low readership promotion in the country.

Consequences of poor reading habit

Ezeii, Only a few people are living above poverty line. Reading provides the information needed to expand our understanding of things. Present and future generations in Kenya are at risk of going straight from an oral to a digital culture, skipping over the writing and reading culture in the process. A Kenyan school started the practice of giving its students books to read during the holidays and on return there would discussions on the books Schools can encourage book clubs not tests but for discussions and leisure and to encourage interaction. It will encourage children to read to discover themselves. H Corruption: Corruption affects Kenya so much. Just as Harry S. A citizen who reads has the capacity to actively participate in the continuity of learning. Many people run away from the village schools to take up jobs in Lagos. In Nigeria, reading culture has suffered from widespread poverty, corruption, ineptitude and a dearth of dedicated quiet reading spaces like libraries.

In schools, for instance, many students prefer to indulge in immoral acts rather than face their studies diligently. K Lack of reading language: In many homes, the language of reading is introduced late; the first contact point of some children with this language is in school.

Reading culture in nigeria pdf

Just as Harry S. Many students at all levels of the educational ladder spend so much time in video game playing that they rarely have any time left for their reading. Perhaps, our socio-economic environment is not reading friendly. Also the introduction of the Global System of Mobile Communication GSM in Kenya has been viewed as one progress that has come with certain negative tendencies which are detrimental to the culture of reading in the country. Studies have shown that there is an almost symbiotic relationship between reading and intelligence. Children grow old to perceive reading and its associated activities as herculean. It also considers the important role of the library in inculcating permanent literacy through reading and suggests what concerned stakeholders could do to promote reading culture in Kenya. So far, there are no other programmes to promote reading. Year in, year out, this group, even if one shows them an interesting article in a newspaper column, they will not like to read it, rather, they will ask one to narrate to them what it is all about. Poorly lit and noisy environments are everywhere, even in the workplace and it is surprising just how many people choose to read in them. To attain the socio-economic height of our dreams and aspirations, we need to develop literate citizens that are able to read widely to unlock the world treasure of knowledge and participate in the dynamic civilization of the world. Once upon a time, the country paraded the best set of authors and publishers in Africa. Who can eat his cake and still have it.

The libraries are essential instruments for promoting reading culture as they should serve as recreational centers and provide creative development to young adults.

Q Handouts: Mostly dominant in higher Education learning institutions.

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