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Google Scholar Piotrkowski, C. It happens mainly with lower class working women like garments, labor. Google Scholar Wallin, L. Thats why they want more time from their mother. One example is Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hussain whose essays and short stories caricatured the practice of purdah in the early twentieth century. How they face problems. So on those situation women feel secure less in coming home. Problem of using technology: Our society thinks that women are less able to using technology. They have acted as enlightened individuals, speaking out against excess- vie aspects of womens subordination. Womens numerical predominance is visible also in the Information Technology IT industry. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 42,

Thats why also having the ability they cannot prove themselves. The standardized indices correlated significantly with self-reported ill health, psychological stress, and work satisfaction.

questionnaire on womens education

In politics women have also participation. Another important occupation for women for women is the nursing.

Survey questionnaire on womens rights in india

And this things because the tradition. Overview the Issue: Women have been active in a sporadic fashion in Bangladeshs history. Till date their immense and outstanding contributions in the areas of family care, birth control, infant care and nutrition and even in generating income have been proved indispensable. Problem of Maintain Job And household work: Usually women are sincere and punctual in their work. In rural area family dont allow girl to study so much. New York: McGraw-Hill. Google Scholar Lundberg, U. But it is far behind in materializing the envisaged goals for male population even, let alone for female population although history provides that our women played no less a role than the males in the junctures of the nation including achievement of independence. Nepotism and sexism in peer review.

This type of problem not only happens in lower class but also in middle class and also in upper class. Unless it's absolutely necessary for survival, she does not work outside the home. Journal of Occupational Medicine, 28, Education and the "woman question.

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Working Women and their Career Questionnaire