What to write on a retirement card

We'll miss you! You've been working hard all your life and it is finally time to work hard in enjoying your life.

retirement wishes for a friend

Our world is better for having had you in it. Hoping your retirement is everything you ever dreamed it could be. I'm going to miss you very much, especially your positive attitude and everything you've done to support me over the years.

Short retirement wishes

We appreciate your hard work and we wish you the best in your retirement! Time to relax and do whatever you want! Without literature, friendship, and religion, retirement is in most cases found to be a dead, flat level, a barren waste, and a blank. You have given us your time, dedication and energy. After striving to make your career successful, we hope that your retirement will be equally as successful. It's easier than it sounds. We have some tips and tricks that will start you off in the right direction.

You're also a wonderful friend and I appreciate your friendship and caring more than I can say. You helped me so much and your thoughts were always well thought out and to the point.

What to write in a retirement card for a family member

Best wishes. Your work brought a huge, new capacity to my work that is helping me to live out my own personal and professional mission. Now you have no excuses for not having enough time for posting selfies with grandkids. Happy Retirement Wishes for Your Boss Thank your boss for all they have done for you and congratulate them on reaching retirement with these retirement wishes and card messages for bosses. Its been an honor to work with someone as dedicated as you are. Engraved watches, plaques, and desk clocks are examples of a reminder retirement gift. You've set a great example for us in the office, and your positive attitude, guidance, and dedication is going to be sorely missed. Congratulations on your retirement!

Does flexible hours, weekdays off sound good? Share your favorite memory of them Is there a funny story involving the retiree that you will never forget?

What to write on a retirement card

Congratulations on retiring. For a spouse Thank you so much for your hard work and all that you have done for this family over the years. Enjoy your free time! Click here to personalize and print your poster Printable Retirement Certificate. I hope you enjoy living off your savings. We will miss you! Morning coffees will finally be what they are meant to be — relaxed and de-stressing.

Congrats on retiring! Best wishes as you retire!

retirement wishes sayings
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What to write in a retirement card