Write a complaint letter to pizza hut

We all ordered a coke accept Lucy who ordered tango.

Pizza hut won t answer phone

Carmen ordered a bowl of pasta and a bowl of chips and Lucy ordered a small bq chicken pizza with normal crusts. So I waited again. What was the point in having me contact you directly? The problem is, and none of the competing agencies will tell you this, the pizza. I did not that a Pizza Hut could make such a dry pizza but I believe this was the worst pizza I have ever eaten. We then went to nandos for a lovely meal. I took the pizza anyway and just could not bring my self to eat it. This has happened,at least, three times even when I mentioned the previous incident. Not just once. Please correct the address. Soon a waitress came around and asked us for a meal choices. After another 25 minutes or more we asked where our pizza was we thought maybe they had call in ahead of us but nobody came or went my wife went up and ask where the pizza was the guy looked at us said it takes awhile we said well much longer we are leaving he said besure you pay. I cancelled the order because the supervisor was very rude to me. Now, being the calm cool guy I am I posted this: To your credit your responded with: and this: I was impressed!

S he was very unfriendly and did not seem to want my business at all. Furiously i demanded the next available table at 8pm 2 hours later then planed. Over the past 13 years I have worked on your account.

How do i contact pizza hut corporate office

I told her I said tango to her but she kept saying I had said coke. Let me back up and tell you the story. I am not very good with computer things and do not know if I could have ordered from my phone, but she did not even suggest that. It was another 10 or 12 minutes before she brought my husband his drink and a bill, no water for me. Just before i was about to walk out on a 45 minute wait for food after my daughter begging me not to the waitress brought around our food. Explained she tried to call my phone but my phone had died. Marcia Mebane from Washington D. See, I have not heard back from you in 2 days. My friend and I had two slices each pizza and have been in and out of the bathroom since.

So I waited. I'm thinking two seasoned creative guys who know their way around cheese pulls and starburst price tags can handle the whole magilla.

Had to wait on our food for at least a hour, only one person waiting on tables. Click to expand You listen! I worked it out with the person at the counter.

pizza hut complaint

Now when I brought the two items home, less than 5 minutes and tasted the pizza it was extremely dry and probably the worst pizza I had ever had from Pizza Hut, not up to their standards of pizza's I had had from them in the past.

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My complaint Letter to Pizza Hut