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I love that the letters can be changed to be more personlized as well! While I was preparing Christmas dinner, I went to your website, quickly found the after-Christmas letters from Santa, printed out one for each of the boys, and hung them up on the wall in their bedrooms.

Letter to Santa Free Printable From Events to Celebrate Do your children get so excited when the toy catalogs start coming in the mail before Christmas? Anna, The envelope is addressed to Santa at the North Pole and includes blank lines for the return address. The children were utterly blown away with their letters - well done!

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Kiron, Plus, there is an area where the child can list a few special Christmas wishes. So glad I found your site. My grandson said he believes in Santa after all, because he knew who his friend was. That's hard to find and leaves no question in my mind that Elfi will receive my business in the future, free or not.

Do your children like sending Santa a letter with their toy wishes?

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How to Write a Letter to Santa Claus (with Sample Letter)