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How to plan a story ks2

No Subtitles This primary science resource for Key Stage 2 pupils is designed to get children thinking about what items in our homes use electricity. Stories are a great way to hook children when teaching maths, hopefully these stories will enthuse your children and become a great Follow Teachers TV Primary Lesson Starters Find short starter clips for use on interactive whiteboards in your classroom, covering primary maths, science, French, history, and literacy There are videos in this series, of which the following are currently available to view online. School leaders should ensure that all staff, including non-teaching staff, encourage enjoyment in maths for all children. No Subtitles Key Stage 2 French learners can get a sense of pupils living in Martinique, as they discuss personal likes and dislikes in this short video. No Subtitles Designed for Key Stage 2 pupils learning Spanish, this short video follows a pupil, Kiabet, on his journey from home to school in Cosoleacaque, Mexico. No Subtitles Enhance Key Stage 2 pupils' persuasive writing activities with five short videos, designed to spark their imaginations and begin activities. As if in a peaceful slumber, the creature stretched itself out, scales covering its body from snout to tail. No Subtitles This primary classroom resource combines archive footage and personal accounts of life on the home front during the second world war, and explores the impact of rationing. No Subtitles This funny short film about a bored buffet-car steward on a train is designed to be a starting point for a primary literacy descriptive writing activity. We also use this tense to talk about an action which started in the past and is continuous up until now: I have been a doctor for ten years. Setting is likely to lead to a widening of the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers, because the former are more likely to be assigned to lower groups. Draw or describe what you have imagined. They need to be used purposefully and appropriately to have an impact. Use this strategy to get children into a drama quickly.

This is a good strategy for establishing whole-group drama and for building an appropriate atmosphere for the work. No Subtitles This video designed for Key Stage 2 Spanish sees Mexican schoolgirl Ingrid discuss musical instruments and costumes typical to her culture.

Positive attitudes are important, but there is scant evidence on the most effective ways to foster them. Allow children to take on different roles and experiment with the language of the role Adopting roles as villagers facing danger from a giant who lives nearby requires young children to consider their actions and language choices.

how to plan a story ks2

Individual children or groups are asked to represent the characters at a significant moment. They encourage reflection and discussion. No Subtitles A Key Stage 2 maths algebra lesson starter based around how many people can sit at a birthday party table.

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No Subtitles Key Stage 2 maths pupils can explore percentages using the example of a cake shown in this video. Provide examples and non-examples of concepts.

Show them how to interrogate and use their existing knowledge to solve problems. Add points of your own too if you think of any more. Teach pupils that fractions and decimals extend the number system beyond whole numbers.

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Story Writing Lesson Plan, Planning Sheet for KS2 by YoungWriters